How To Write Brand Core Values That Your Team will Believe in

How To Write Brand Core Values That Your Team will Believe in

Your brand core values should be the fundamental beliefs that are the source of your company's success and why you exist in the first place. When your team believes in your brand core values, they will be able to excel at their jobs, deliver quality services and products to customers, and tell your brand story better than anyone else can. If you want to learn how to write brand core values that your team will believe in, read on!

Step 1 Brainstorm.

Get a notebook and write down everything you can think of about your business. How do you want your brand to be viewed? Where do you see it five years from now? What kind of culture do you want it to have? These are all good questions to ask, but be sure not to get too bogged down with details, at least for now—the idea is just to start getting those thoughts out onto paper.

Next, come up with a list of words or phrases that describe your brand. Put these on another page, then look through them and put any related terms into one group. You’ll use these terms to help construct your core values statement later on. Repeat these steps until you feel like you’ve created an exhaustive list of words/phrases that will help you come up with a really solid value statement.

Step 2 Research your industry and competitors.

Identify who are your direct and indirect competitors for that topic or keyword. For example, for a plumber I would think of other businesses that do plumbing services, find how they rank in Google search results, get their contact information (phone number), website link, learn what they are talking about on Twitter, etc...

This research takes some time but is very important to find out how businesses in your area operate. What keywords they use? Are they talking about topics that you want to rank well for? (Plumbing Contractor Denver) How do they market themselves? Can you offer something better than them for your targeted customers in that city or state? How can you differentiate yourself from them?

Step 3 Make a list of Questions

Make A List Of Questions For People Who Might Ask Themselves When They See The Title and First Paragraph. Then Answer Those Questions. Again, Keep It As Short And As Professional As Possible, Remember You Are Wining Clients Over With The First Paragraph. This Is Not a Writing Exercise, You Don't Need To Show Off By Writing Six Pages About How Awesome A Thing You Have Written Is.

Just Get Straight To The Point Here. Reverse-engineering your client's problem into a use case that is relevant to your solution requires you to ask questions about their business needs. Once you have identified those needs, what are some of those things that people typically need when they're trying to solve these problems? What are common questions they would have at each step of their journey through executing on your solution?

How To Write Brand Core Values That Your Team will Believe in

Step 4 Write your post.

You need to give readers a compelling reason why they should stick around and read your entire post. In other words, you need to hook them from line one. If you have done everything correctly so far then you should not find it difficult to quickly write at least 300 words about your topic. Once written, take a break for an hour or two and come back with fresh eyes to edit and proofread it before posting.

Always remember that first impressions are key when it comes to creating engaging content. So get rid of any spelling mistakes or grammar issues if possible. Also make sure that your post is relevant and interesting to a specific group of people – i.e. do research on topics related to your niche beforehand!

Step 5 Find a Need and Fill It

The only way to be successful as a business is to offer something that people want. You’ve done it before. When you were younger, you wanted something so bad...so really bad, that you wouldn’t take no for an answer. The act of finding your WHY and then finding out how you can fill that need or want is called Fulfillment. Knowing your why means knowing why you do what you do.

Once you know what drives and motivates you, that's when things get exciting! Now all we have to do is find out if there are others like us who are looking for what we have. If we could find 100 other people just like us? Well those would be our ideal clients! And they might even pay us money. So let’s go find them by searching!

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