10 Creative Ways to Leverage Your Short Domain Name

10 Creative Ways to Leverage Your Short Domain Name

If you’re a marketer, chances are you’ve already thought about how to build brand awareness for your product or service. But what if you only have a short domain name available for your site? It’s not impossible to make an impact with a short domain; these creative strategies can give your marketing campaign some real oomph!

1. Write an article

Get creative with your domain name. It may be short, but that doesn’t mean it has to be dull—take a bold step forward and use your domain name in creative ways (yes, like puns!). You’re limited only by your imagination. For example, you could create a piece of content about how another company got in trouble for using its similar-sounding brand name in a negative way—while you’re just minding your own business and doing nothing wrong.

2. Use your short domain in the subheadline

The subheadline uses keywords from your post, in case a reader searches for those words. Plus, it’s just a more attention-grabbing way to keep readers on your page. Go with something short and punchy—if your brand is Zyyby, use that word in your subheadline: These brands used their short domains to build brand awareness.

3. Use your short domain as a call-to-action

The #1 way to leverage your domain name is to use it as a call-to-action. Simply sign up for Google My Business, pick a category and call yourself by your short domain. People will begin seeing you in searches, associate you with that domain and start following you on social media.

4. Mention your short domain in your bio

Hey everyone! If you haven’t noticed already, my short domain name is [...]. Look out for more content on how I leverage my short domain. This post is part of a series on [...]. Stay tuned for more posts in [...]!

5. Place it on company letterhead and social media accounts

Brand awareness is key to building a thriving business, and while traditional forms of marketing can be effective in growing your business’s name recognition, you may want to take a creative approach. Here are 10 ways that you can use a short domain name for brand awareness

10 Creative Ways to Leverage Your Short Domain Name

6. Create a favicon using your short domain

It is a common practice among website developers and bloggers nowadays to create a favicon for their websites. It is a small icon that gets embedded in your web browser’s address bar when you open a site, which makes it easily recognizable. If you have your own custom logo made for your business, try using that as your website’s favicon instead of simply using an image from one of your websites.

7. Use it in place of your company name on social media bios, etc.

@DomainName_Inc. Use it in your email signature. Etc. Brainstorm 10 creative ways to leverage your short domain name! Write about how other companies might be able to use their own brand name in creative ways like these.

8. Go local!

Small businesses often struggle with awareness on a local level, but with a short domain, you can incorporate your brand into many common words and phrases. To generate local traffic, consider incorporating a word like pizza or marketing into your website address—it won’t cost you much and it could pay big dividends.

9. Brand yourself as an expert via guest posts, etc.

The key is to go out and make yourself a brand. Look for every opportunity you can that will allow you to showcase your knowledge and expertise. If a company doesn’t have a specific need right now, maybe they have friends of friends who do. Either way, creating connections with influencers through guest posting (both on your own site or other sites) is one of the best ways to brand yourself as an expert in your industry. Networking with influencers in person at conferences and events is another great way!

10. Invite others to use it!

Domains with extra letters like .com, .net, and .org are incredibly useful for more than just holding websites—especially if you want your brand to stand out from others in its field. Using a shorter domain name for any type of business can help it grab people’s attention and make them want to find out more about you and your company.

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